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After date Before date
Company Country
Value minimum Value maximum
DateSectorBuyerBuyer CountrySellerSeller CountryMillionsComments
21.08.2015BakeryArdent MillsUnited States Mondelez International United States
Flour milling plant in Canada
21.08.2015SpiritsHeaven HillUnited States Eliza SpringUnited States
Deep Eddy vodka
20.08.2015IngredientsLehmann & VossGermany Gee LawsonUnited Kingdom
19.08.2015BeerKirinJapan Fraser & NeaveSingapore
$ 560
55% stake
19.08.2015Fruit juiceCoca-Cola, Goldman SachsUnited States Suja LifeUnited States
$ 90
30% stake
19.08.2015PackagingWellspring (private equity)United States AmpacUnited States
$ 700 sales
18.08.2015SpiritsConstellation BrandsUnited States Crafthouse CocktailsUnited States
Minority stake
17.08.2015BeerAnheuser-Busch InBevBelgium R Ippolito Distributing United States
17.08.2015Bottled waterMaspexPoland Rio BucovinaRomania
17.08.2015FishCargillUnited States EwosNorway
€ 1,350
14.08.2015BeerHeinekenNetherlands Comans WholesaleIreland
Distributor, un-confirmed
14.08.2015SnacksLotus BakeriesBelgium Natural Balance FoodsUnited Kingdom
£ 60
67% stake
14.08.2015Water coolersAngel SpringsUnited KingdomGreenworks SolutionsUnited Kingdom
Point of use
13.08.2015BakeryFlowers FoodsUnited States Dave's Killer BreadUnited States
$ 275
13.08.2015Frozen foodNomad FoodsUnited KingdomLion, Highbridge, others (private equity)Various
£ 500
Findus continental European operations
12.08.2015SnacksSunOptaCanada Niagara Natural Fruit Snack CompanyCanada
$ 6.7
11.08.2015Soft drinksDr Pepper SnappleUnited States BA Sports NutritionUnited States
$ 20
11.7% stake
10.08.2015IngredientsCargillUnited States FMC CorporationUnited States
Pectin operations in Italy
10.08.2015PackagingNissha PrintingJapan HIG Capital (private equity)United States
AR Metallizing
09.08.2015CoffeeHamdi UlukayaUnited States La Colombe Coffee RoastersUnited States
Majority stake
07.08.2015DairyWhiteWave FoodsUnited States Wallaby YogurtUnited States
$ 125
06.08.2015DairyLakeland DairiesUnited KingdomFane ValleyUnited Kingdom
£ 605 sales
Merger of agribusiness, dairy activities
06.08.2015EquipmentAvon RubberUnited KingdomInterPulsItaly
€ 29.75
06.08.2015FoodBill AckmanUnited States Mondelez International United States
$ 5,600
7.5% stake
06.08.2015Soft drinksCoca-Cola EnterprisesUnited States Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Iberian PartnersVarious
$ 31,000
Merger to form Coca-Cola European Partners
05.08.2015ServicesZenith International United KingdomBevereage DigestUnited States
04.08.2015AlcoholEnotriaUnited KingdomCoe VintnersUnited Kingdom
04.08.2015MeatJerky GroupUnited KingdomCrugaUnited Kingdom
£ 12 sales
Merger to form Meatsnacks Group
04.08.2015PackagingCC IndustriesUnited States Selig Sealing ProductsUnited States
04.08.2015WineInVivoFrance VinadeisFrance
21% stake